Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorry Everyone :(

Unfortunately, my desktop computer went blizzard on me yesterday and I still can't use it. >.< When I "open" my computer, after BIOS screen, then a black screen shows up with a blinking underscore on the top left hand side.. Anyone can help?

Anyways, all my files and junk is on my desktop and as for right now, I'm using my mom's laptop. Therefore, there's no graphics this week and probably this month :(

I want to clear up something.. about Vasia and me :p
First of all, all you've probably heard was her story and many people seems to believe what she told.
However, if you want to hear mine, then read on. If you don't want to hear my story, then leave.

Okay so, yes I removed Vasia from the Runway Magazine blog. Because she does not deserve to be the admin of the magazine I worked so hard on. And yes, I worked very hard on it. Most of the pages were made by me. Vasia did contributed with ideas and outfits, but what do you think is harder to do? Find pictures online or actually drawing the pictures?
Then yeah blah blah blah... I don't want to continue and Lily's got Recherche so I called the second issue off. Then Vasia became part of Eternity. Personally, I don't know why Vasia wants the Runway blog since she's not going to add anything and she can't since she has no photoshop.
The part I'm most angry about is the lies she told. I never called her any bad names, I swear. The reason I'm not on MSN is because my desktop computer is unusable. The reason I removed Vasia on my friend list is because I don't want to receive her "Mails of Terror. The reason why I put Rachweee123 and N1mka4eva on my "Black List" is because they accused me of stuff when they never heard my story.
And about my diary entry that I typed in chinese, am I not allowed to express my feelings? It wasn't even a hate message, besides, how good of a translator is Google? If anyone wants to know, I can translate my own diary into english.
Finally, I never attacked anyone or cursed at anyone. My "Black List" is not a hate list, it's a list of the people whom I think I should avoid. The day I come back with my computer fixed or something is the day when I will make a new layout and yeah ^^

p.s. Hilarie_kiss, I didn't changed. I'm disappointed at people who I talked to before believing Vasia's story completely before asking me about it.
 Also, thank you Miss_LolitaF, doinker_chic, and Shakira_Avril :D


  1. I never even heard of this, until now, but if I did hear it, I would be on your side.

  2. Thank you Eliza <3
    Sorry I forgot XD

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    MY SIDE.

    And Reira....Finding outfits,ideas etc ,writing,advertising and explain everybody in the team what to do is hard...Make your ''OWN'' Magazine only with your fucking graphics without text or anything...

    Deal with your shit love me or hate me :)

  5. Ok :) But to let you guys know... I'm not gonna support one of you most than the other....(If you know what I mean) you are both my friends and I love you both.... Ι may love Vasia more because we are cloze but still I'm not only in one side

  6. Ahh!!
    I don`t know.


  7. I am way too tired to post an entire defense, sorry.

    ♥ You Reira ;)

    Says it all.

  8. ur graphics are ugly

  9. @Anonymous
    I know..
    I know..
    I know I should..
    I know <3

  10. Whats with all the bitchyness from Vasia?
    I'm on your 'side' Reira..
    If Vasia said the magazine is over, why does she still need to be admin of the blog or the graphics. You should get to keep the graphics you made&do what you like with them.


  11. @vpurple

    Because Vasia was the one who did no quit?

  12. @Vasia
    Yes, but you did say that the magazine was over so thats basically like quitting, no?

  13. The "program" Or thingy that you use for your computer was deleted, like Windows xp, Windows Vista.. etc
    The same thing happend to my aunt.

  14. @Ayah
    Oh! The operating system? So I'll have to reboot and reinstall the system right? Would I lose all my files though? :(

  15. I hate it when stuff like that happens to me! I can't believer that someone who is a supposed friend would just turn into an an 'enemy'.

  16. My computer does this, but It takes 15 mins to start windows Vista. I have low disk space on my laptop, that might be why.