Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

Hello! It's Spring Break for me! Boy, am I happy to be able to sleep 9+ hours a day and play computer all day (not really)! Anyways, I didn't make much graphics, however, but focused on making backgrounds. I've made many not-so-great backgrounds and I'd like to improve. Here are two that I've been working on...

Obviously, they're not done yet... And I would like some feedback on what I can improve or add ^^
*They were draw 100% by me (not including tree brushes)
**I learned perspective today!! That's how I made the slanted brick wall :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


That's right! An unknown fashion designer to you! I introduce you to Ne Tiger, a Chinese designer! His 2009 collection named "Hua Fu" was my favorite. Some of his designs were suppose to be used on the unfinished issue of Runway, you know ^^ I remade this dress before...
But my computer was broken and I lost my file T^T So today, I made a new one! :D And it was my second favorite too! Model is thatgirlsophy! It's been a while since I remade clothes :)

 What do you think? I think I drew good hair this time! Please excuse the ugly shoes though >.<

EDIT: Found my lost graphic!! It was half finished... Didn't get a chance to actually finish it. I worked SO hard on the pattern.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stardoll's Most Wanted Competiton Entry

Oh yes, I am entering in a competition that might be able to extend my superstar! The competition is about making a magazine cover of the covergirl and coverboy of Jenna's blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted AKA Hot Buys Bazaar. (I got confused on which name is the actual name before)
The covergirl I've chosen was Rihannyx and the coverboy is Manolo.DiCicco. I originally voted for Bailey but Rihannyx was winning >.< So to save some work, I've decided to make her as the CG instead... I think the coverboy was well chosen because Manolo has great style as a male medoll and I don't usually give compliments to male medolls since they usually don't look good :p
Well, here's my entry. I sure hope I win or gets nominated ^_^ OMG! It's my first time working with a male medoll!

Friday, March 12, 2010

LipStick Magazine

I'm not advertising LOL I'm just showing what I had contributed-->
The reason for no graphics made last week
Which is your favorite? I think some of my attentive followers would notice my work :p My favorite was the second one :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back To Childhood

New layout! LOL You better check this out because I think this is the best layout I've even made! (so far)
Not only did I moved to the left , I also challenged myself with the hair and clothes! Some strands of hair still looks a bit funky but it's hard to do it with a mouse, you know.. But I'll improve :)

I started on this layout last Sunday and I worked on it yesterday and today since I've got no homework these two days, which is VERY rare. Also, I felt the need to post and have something new , since you and I had been staring at kimono for two months.

As I said, it's a combined theme with the four images I posted previously. Curly hair, pink boots, tree, and Kara-style. LOL The magical stick I added is from a Japanese anime called "Cardcaptor Sakura". I watched "Cardcaptor Sakura" when I was little and I used to have one of the stick to play with :)

Hence, the sub title, "Back To Childhood"

p.s. I'll dedicate myself to the blog this week! (and also request from Chole, of course)