Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Thanks to Jennie901

Thank you very much, Jennnie901 for being an active commenter :D Instead of making you a graphic like I'm suppose to since it's your turn, I made you a header for your blog "Styledoll Addicts" instead! 

Yes, I was lazy and I reused a pose XD  The only thing I drew was the dress ^^ But I love how the dress turned out! Gorgeous! But I'm bad at shaping -_- So Jennie, you may use this as your new blog header now!

By the way, I play favorites :p
I love active commenters more ^^

Friday, January 29, 2010

Make use of what was not finished

The pose was made for Runway but it's over so I'm making good use of it :D Model is houpisonfire aka Ruth. Okay, it wasn't that good but I can't focus because my brother has a high fever right now :(

Dress: Valentino Pre Fall 2010  Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's over

That's right, readers, the magazine that released in January 1, 2010, Runway Magazine, is now officially over withe confirmation of Vasia.

The reason: I'm sick of making magazines. Virtual magazines are pointless as much as I enjoy making graphics, I grew weary of magazines. I felt that I'm wasting my precious time looking at my computer screen than go out and play. I get NOTHING in the virtual world! And so... I declare my retirement from any magazine business.

Well, I'm going to release the Runway Magazine supposedly to be the Spring issue's cover. I made the cover so I have the right to release it ^^ The CG was Rachweee123 AKA Stephanie

By the way, if you are going to repost or anything, please credit this blog :D I'm the one who released it and so yeah~ respect my work!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Hyori-ish!

LOL The sexy, beautiful, funny, talented, and well known Lee Hyori! Model is Mizzaly!

Everything but Medoll face was drawn by me! I think this is my best graphic of poses so far!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something Sweet

Like Girl's Generation! Now that I see it, the graphic of Brigitte before was too bloody.. And it wasn't that good anyways except for the hand I drew ^^  To brighten the mood up and back to cutesy and sweetness, I remade an outfit from a picture of Girl's Generation!
Here is the original picture of the lovely nine girls

Here is the remake of Yoona (girl in the middle)'s outfit! Model is ForeverSecret


Last week was my finals week so I didn't have time to make any graphics :( But this week, I'm totally free! Yay! Model is Ms.Brigitte

Inspired by the manga "The Wallflower" main character Sunako Nakahara

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bored but Busy

Just made some fugly Moodi Wear designs XD Oh well~

Just an update, actually, no graphics :( My finals week is next week so I might be alble to make graphics this upcoming week because I got to study! But I would like some inspiration :p Recently, ideas had popped in and out in my head and I can't keep up... Someone wants to tell me what kind of ideas they have in their mind?

Now that the magazine craziness is over LOL Everyone is busy now....

Random Question of the Day!!
What is your opinion on Chinese fashion? For example, Japanese fashion to me, is kimono and lolita haha. Japanese style is mainly cutesy, bright, and pretty? What do you think about China?

p.s. I love you all :D

This graphic is so amateur XD

Friday, January 1, 2010

Behind Runway Making 2

I realyl loved the cover of Runway!! It was incredible because it was the best hands I've drawn! Also, the makeup is my best too :) Here are the stages into making this lovely cover.

What I started with

After 2 days of hard work

Another day of drawing hand

The arm

Finally finished drawing the medoll!

Added background and jewelry

With final touches from Lily!

But then I edited the nose LOL

Behind the Runway Making

Some of the graphics you see on Runway Magazine but without backgrounds and bigger :)

Winter Issue 2010