Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bored but Busy

Just made some fugly Moodi Wear designs XD Oh well~

Just an update, actually, no graphics :( My finals week is next week so I might be alble to make graphics this upcoming week because I got to study! But I would like some inspiration :p Recently, ideas had popped in and out in my head and I can't keep up... Someone wants to tell me what kind of ideas they have in their mind?

Now that the magazine craziness is over LOL Everyone is busy now....

Random Question of the Day!!
What is your opinion on Chinese fashion? For example, Japanese fashion to me, is kimono and lolita haha. Japanese style is mainly cutesy, bright, and pretty? What do you think about China?

p.s. I love you all :D

This graphic is so amateur XD


  1. Well, China isn't for me the greatest country in the world, but It's really intersesting... LOL, I remeber when I was younger I dresses up as a chinese girl with a kimono on carneval..xD

  2. LoL ;D
    I can't even make qraphics as qood as that(:
    & You call that 'amateur'

  3. What is your opinion on Chinese fashion?
    I love like those womens that work on rice industrie alfects with a modern twist we could have amazing alfects i think chinese fashion pops out anime to me

  4. luv the gothic lolita fashion idk why lol

  5. I'm not sure of their proper term. But i really like the designs on the silk gowns that the chinese wear. I think it's floral, i'm not sure.

    Btw the graphic is amazing. :]

  6. Rice industry?
    I'm glad you like the graphic because I made it long time ago...

    Qi pao you mean?

  7. For me Japonese fashion is Lolitas, Harujukus and kimonos to XD
    Plz do some lolitas outfits or princess outfits
    I want cuteness x3