Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

and welcome 2010! This is the graphic I made for the year 2009 ^^ Hopfully, this will end teh year well :)

Guess what! Mary Kate AKA marikate14 went to Japan for winter vacation! Look! LOL Mary Kate is sitting on the edge of an onsen, or hot springs ^^ She is enjoying herself with a cup of sake, or rice wine! You sure love your vacation, Mary Kate :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Makeover for GinnGinn1

For the nonsuperstar GinnGinn1 who has little makeup :( I've decided to give her a fantastic and beyong Stardoll makeover! Visit her page for the original ^^
After results!

Inside her mouth is a candy with the letters LOVE :D Inspired by Brown Eyed Girls's Abracadabra MV
Yeah, I didn't have time to make a bigger graphic >.< But good news, Runway is 98% finished :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Upon Request

No more LOL I got a new idea coming up :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Layout!

If you are are reading this from your feed, you have to click and comment! Because I spend 2 hours making this kimono :) I made the pattern with brushes!! I love what I made :D The theme is pink, because it's the color of cherry blossoms. Winter is the season of cherry blossom in Japan, very beautiful!  Once again, I used my Japanese in my layout because I think characters are more extraordinary than alphabet ^^

Anyone want to wear a kimono? I'll make you a graphic wearing one :D
oh! Before I forget, here is the whole body!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Too late for holiday spirit?

Am I too late? It's still Christmas in my time! LOL Well, I had a wonderful dinner today. My family went out to eat HOT POT!! Delicious!! If you don't know what Hot Pot is.... it's a Mongolian cuisine where you cook raw meat, vegetables, fungi, and/or noodles in a big pot of soup. The meal is great when it's cold ^^

Here is a graphic modeling Ayah AKA .yoyo. I actually had time today to make a graphic not for Runway even though I was out almost the whole day.
PS I am proud to say Runway WILL be released on 1/1/10. if nothing goes wrong, you never know. We've finished the majority of the graphics! Yay :D But we still need some of the articles :( Vasia will be back tomorrow, I think.. but we'll make sure we got everything :P Without further due...

Ok, I draw most of the non-body parts. Yeah I know, it's not very good compare to my other ones XD But this is the first time I made the legs actually together! And the hair turned out pretty good!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Visual is more than words :D

I'm not boasting, just want to express what I've achieved ^^ I'm proud!

Umm... yeah

Another spoiler for RUNWAY ^^ I hoep you don't mind.. this was made by Lily Rose AKA doinker_chic

So, we're like half way there.. I'm hoping for the release to be 1/1/10

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A real graphic

Finally, a real graphic! This is for Basilina12 ^^ Sorry for the wait >.< I probably won't post another one of this anytime soon.. but who knows? :p

What do you think? The body took me the most time.. grr Oh! Hair? Thanks for the brushes, Lily Rose! I hope the hair turned out ok :) Also, I drew everything except for the medoll face and the Kohl's scarf.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break!

Here you go, Electra :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


One more day of school!

Ugh.. bad quality :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 More Days!

2 more days of school before my beloved winter break starts!!! I'm so happy :) Before my heaven begins, here's another writer's banner for our dear Elite-Girl! Okay, I made this on Saturday but I'm only posting it now ^^ So Electra, don't kill me.. I will make yours soon.. ALSO! THIS IS ONLY FOR FOLLOWERS! I'll ignore requests from non-followers. And I don't make blog headers, only writer's banners. I don't care what you do to it but I'm only making writer's banners.
Without further due..

I think I got the shading right this time.... or is it too obvious?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Banner for Avril14140

Here you go: Avril14140! OMG! I just notice the huge quality difference between JPG and PNG files!! The JPG is the one above and its quality is sooo bad compare to the PNG on at the bottom. Ok, yeah I started doing the banners now ^^ I spend the whole day doing stuff for Runway :p I probably won't be able to work on big graphics at the moment, maybe I don't know, probably not :(

By the way, the banners are made in the order of who followered first. Also, once again, I will only make writer's banners and you must be a follower.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banners, anyone?

Okay, I saw a few requests for banners in my comments... I would make banners for my followers but now it's not really a good time XD HOWEVER!

If you are a follower and you want a banner from me: write your Stardoll username below and I'll make one when I have time. It will be free ^^ 

BUT! Doing so, you won't get a graphic made by me XP You know the graphics I make and have my followers model it? Yeah, you will forfit that chance :(
I hope that this will make everyone and me happy... that way I can make graphics for people who needs them and for my followers!
BTW, if you're not follower, you're out! LOL jk....

Anyways... moving on. I'm sure you heard of people copying other people's designs for the Design Contest? I think these people who copied are just being unoriginal and cheaters XD I mean, taking credit for someone else's hard work? That is just SICK! And also defending your hideous act and sound like you're all innocent?

I got one word for them: _______ *guess that word! LOL
I would really want to enter that contest too and submit some of my designs XD Oh, what was that? It's for superstars....

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ok, I tried to do good shadowing on noses... yes it's hard to do shading and I'm bad at it XD
I made 2 banners/headers and I tried shadowing on their noses.. opinions and comments and advices?
BTW, the second reason I'm showing these is that even if they don't use it, I still made it ^^


Saturday, December 5, 2009


I realized the makeup on the header image is too over-rated XD Oh well, I can't change it anymore but I did changed my medoll's makeup - I like it better when it's more natural LOL

It's December already~ Right now, I got 3 images in my head, they're like ideas for graphics and poses ect.
1.) New Layout: snow, cherry blossom trees, kimono, pink, magenta, white, purity-related
2.) Graphic: benting down, holding something (or not), drawing a circle on the ground (snow), fur
3.) Graphic: sauna, towel, front-view position, one leg crosses the other, steamy hot room, wooden, bench

----> So that's what I'm picturing right now. If you understand me, you're awesome. If you don't, no worries because you will.

P.S. Give me ideas about the pattern or color of the kimono ^^