Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banners, anyone?

Okay, I saw a few requests for banners in my comments... I would make banners for my followers but now it's not really a good time XD HOWEVER!

If you are a follower and you want a banner from me: write your Stardoll username below and I'll make one when I have time. It will be free ^^ 

BUT! Doing so, you won't get a graphic made by me XP You know the graphics I make and have my followers model it? Yeah, you will forfit that chance :(
I hope that this will make everyone and me happy... that way I can make graphics for people who needs them and for my followers!
BTW, if you're not follower, you're out! LOL jk....

Anyways... moving on. I'm sure you heard of people copying other people's designs for the Design Contest? I think these people who copied are just being unoriginal and cheaters XD I mean, taking credit for someone else's hard work? That is just SICK! And also defending your hideous act and sound like you're all innocent?

I got one word for them: _______ *guess that word! LOL
I would really want to enter that contest too and submit some of my designs XD Oh, what was that? It's for superstars....


  1. Yea, me too :(
    I'm not SS
    and if i will be, the contest may be over. Stinks...
    My designs are good, in my opinion/ ♥

  2. Really? Do you have a blog or a place where you have a show case of your designs?

  3. Umm... I want a banner, but I want a graphic too :S
    Can I pay for the banner and still get the graphic? :/

  4. Hey Reira!!! Can I please have a banner? I haven't been able 2 make one!!
    xoxox MissMinnie5

  5. Well i prefer to have a graphic and i don't need banner because i also do designes and i am working on my magazine i don't have time for anything else

  6. hey,can you do that, banner I told you,or fairy? Cheerleader2648

  7. To cheerleder2648: I've already made you a graphic long time ago so this doesn't apply to you.

    Also, I will only do writer's banner for this. No blog headers or other graphics.

    To Electra: Sure, but I'm done superstar at the moment.

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  9. Can i have a banner for my blog:

  10. I would rather have a grafic but I guess I'll have a banner!! 4 Picky315!

  11. Hello, I'm Elite-girl and I have a blog name Style.Blog if you don't mind can you make me a writers banner.

  12. Could you make me one? A banner?

    If you can, tell me when you'll do it (I need a little bit of warning)

  13. Heey (:
    I do pixel art and graphics too, and I am starting a blog soon. But I have difficulty doing hair. Would you be able to post a tutorial for me please?
    My name on stardoll is Zephora101, I don't really want a banner thanks, but idk how else to contact you an here, as I am new.
    Love Rachel (; x
    Please get back to me x

  14. I'm Not a Follower but could you please do one for me(misscyrus24)
    Thanks x

  15. Hello! I would love a banner, but could you make it for my blog instead? its:

    My stardoll name is *future*celeb*, thanks so much, i love your graphics!!!

  16. Hey!
    I tried to make some graphics and things..but I'm so bad at it..
    So I would really love banner!

    Lady_Lola89 :)

  17. Can you make me a banner?
    stardoll name: drummachick399 [Cam]

  18. Evie_is_kool
    Just a Close up with Name with Hair and Makeup Pleease??
    Only if you can!

  19. Hello,
    I want a graphic and a banner can that?
    Ow and sorry for my bad english.
    Stardoll name:Missisabel34(im from the netherlands :P)