Friday, December 25, 2009

Too late for holiday spirit?

Am I too late? It's still Christmas in my time! LOL Well, I had a wonderful dinner today. My family went out to eat HOT POT!! Delicious!! If you don't know what Hot Pot is.... it's a Mongolian cuisine where you cook raw meat, vegetables, fungi, and/or noodles in a big pot of soup. The meal is great when it's cold ^^

Here is a graphic modeling Ayah AKA .yoyo. I actually had time today to make a graphic not for Runway even though I was out almost the whole day.
PS I am proud to say Runway WILL be released on 1/1/10. if nothing goes wrong, you never know. We've finished the majority of the graphics! Yay :D But we still need some of the articles :( Vasia will be back tomorrow, I think.. but we'll make sure we got everything :P Without further due...

Ok, I draw most of the non-body parts. Yeah I know, it's not very good compare to my other ones XD But this is the first time I made the legs actually together! And the hair turned out pretty good!


  1. I like it. (:
    Better then anything I could do.

  2. I love the dress[:
    & The hair+makeup is beautiful :D

  3. I really love it..It`s great!

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. ITS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY ! YOU couldent have did a better job ! I love the dress and hair x

  5. Oh ma lord!
    This is so Hot!
    Thank you so much!
    I LOVE it!

  6. Hair looks good! :D Just add some more darker highlights to give depth.

    The dress is amazingly amazing xD