Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm amazing

After 2 weary weeks, I finally fixed my computer and running it like it's suppose to :D
I bet you all felt tired of this same layout for 2 months...
So, expect a new layout in the following week or 2 weeks.

Possible themes

Spring Cover 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Model Vpurple!

Just like the title, I transformed our loyal follower Vpurple into a high class model! This makeover makes me proud! Obviously, model is Vpurple!
Classy! The makeover I didn't make it elaborate. It reminds me of "panda-eyes" LOL But I adore the hair! Right now, I'm just doing closeups since full body is too hard for touch mouse :p

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost Friday :)

Great, now I have nothing type.. I've had this window opened for 3 hours LOL
So.. I just want to post, things are not looking bright for me because my grades are slipping :(
My glance of my current just ruined my lovely evening with no homework. I finished homework at 4pm.
Sorry for my blah~

Anyways, I've got an idea, if that can be called an idea. You see, "just" can be "only" or "fair" For example, "The judge judges justly", wow try to say that ten times faster! So "Just Reira" (name of this blog in case you don't know) can mean "fair Reira". And now you're wondering, "So?"

So~ I want to open up a section of this blog where people can submit their own art creations (graphics) in a comment of a post where I can give feedback. I do know a couple people who asks me for improvements and advices.. But if you want my opinion, you may ^^ I am not biased in any way, by the way.. unless you get me started on topics about China >.<

If you want encouraging feedback on your graphics, leave a link in comment below and I'll give my best judgment in the next post :)

P.S. I got 2 offers from people who would pay me superstar code for graphics! :D Accept or Decline?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sneak Peak of the Pose

I was working on a new pose since all my other poses were deleted T^T So, here's a sneak peak of how it is like ^^ I drew everything, no reference picture!
Banner is for Greenapple201 :)
 No fancy brushes :p

By the way, I've added a list on the sidebar --->
It's the list of followers whom I will use in the next graphic so you will know who's coming up ^^ I also want to add more stuff to make this blog looking more interesting.. any ideas? I don't like music playlists since you don't necessary want to listen to my music >_< and it's annoying sometimes haha

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

and also Valentine's Day :D I value Chinese New Year more LOL
As you can see... it's a new post meaning I will post a graphic. No, my computer is NOT fixed yet T^T But I installed Photoshop on my other laptop so I can use it. I got really bored on Saturday..
Anyways, I too, am upset over Mcqueen's death XD I tried to remake one of his designs but I gave up since I hate making rouching (and patterns). So I made a McQueen-inspired dress :S
Model is josie0082 
Yes, I'm in no mood of drawing a pose or hair. It's a WIG by the way LOL 
I'll make a new layout when I get my computer fixed. I NEED the CD!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorry Everyone :(

Unfortunately, my desktop computer went blizzard on me yesterday and I still can't use it. >.< When I "open" my computer, after BIOS screen, then a black screen shows up with a blinking underscore on the top left hand side.. Anyone can help?

Anyways, all my files and junk is on my desktop and as for right now, I'm using my mom's laptop. Therefore, there's no graphics this week and probably this month :(

I want to clear up something.. about Vasia and me :p
First of all, all you've probably heard was her story and many people seems to believe what she told.
However, if you want to hear mine, then read on. If you don't want to hear my story, then leave.

Okay so, yes I removed Vasia from the Runway Magazine blog. Because she does not deserve to be the admin of the magazine I worked so hard on. And yes, I worked very hard on it. Most of the pages were made by me. Vasia did contributed with ideas and outfits, but what do you think is harder to do? Find pictures online or actually drawing the pictures?
Then yeah blah blah blah... I don't want to continue and Lily's got Recherche so I called the second issue off. Then Vasia became part of Eternity. Personally, I don't know why Vasia wants the Runway blog since she's not going to add anything and she can't since she has no photoshop.
The part I'm most angry about is the lies she told. I never called her any bad names, I swear. The reason I'm not on MSN is because my desktop computer is unusable. The reason I removed Vasia on my friend list is because I don't want to receive her "Mails of Terror. The reason why I put Rachweee123 and N1mka4eva on my "Black List" is because they accused me of stuff when they never heard my story.
And about my diary entry that I typed in chinese, am I not allowed to express my feelings? It wasn't even a hate message, besides, how good of a translator is Google? If anyone wants to know, I can translate my own diary into english.
Finally, I never attacked anyone or cursed at anyone. My "Black List" is not a hate list, it's a list of the people whom I think I should avoid. The day I come back with my computer fixed or something is the day when I will make a new layout and yeah ^^

p.s. Hilarie_kiss, I didn't changed. I'm disappointed at people who I talked to before believing Vasia's story completely before asking me about it.
 Also, thank you Miss_LolitaF, doinker_chic, and Shakira_Avril :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

A little note

This weekend, I have tons and I mean TONS of homework. February is a very messed up month for me with a different schedule every week XD
And so.. I'm afraid I will not be able to work on new graphics T^T I know, I'm sad too. BUT I might be able to work on little pieces of small writer's banners..
And so... remind me again those who wanted a writer's banner instead of a big graphic ^^
I remembered only a few like haitianrichboy94, frangipani_29, Toxxic.Angel, and Evie_is_kool? I don't know :S

So leave a comment below with your username. You HAVE to be a follower :D Also, I go in order haha
I can probably make two.. maybe three if I do a sloppy job XD

I cannot end this post without a graphic, can I? The new TSI banner! Yay~