Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next Graphic!

Okay, so since I am a super big fan of K-pop AKA Korean Pop, I want to make a little graphics about my favorite Korean girl groups. My models will be cheerleader2648 and vasia28!

There are two options that inspired me... Girl's Generation

and  KARA

Please choose one pic/style for each model :)
cheerleader2648 and vasia28 can choose too :)
 If no one choose, then I WILL PICK!
I will probably remake the pose/clothes in my own ways ^^

Are the Korean girls pretty? LOL

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fav of Miss Sixty

Since I used up my inspiration this week on the layout, I couldn't creat any designs and I didn't feel like remaking :( So, I decided to just make a graphic somehow.. I just created a graphic with my favorite items from Miss Sixty!

From now on, my followers will be my models! Because I love my followers, I will have them as my model :) So I started from the earliest follower lenakilenio! Thank you for being the earliest follower :) There's another follower sava-j, but you don't have a picture and I can't find you at Stardoll so I couldn't feature you :(
Anyways, here it is..  I really like the minidress..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stardoll Prefects

Please visit the wonderful and dazzling blog of Baileygirl1212, Stardoll Prefects!! So now if you are wondering why you should check it out.. THIS is why :)


New Layout!!

The graphics did not took me that long, the coding did.. The last time I was coding a layout was like 1 year ago. But I finally got it! Yay!! I hope everyone likes it, because I worked hard on it :)

The theme is blue, like I said before. I really really like the blue Balmain dress from the LE collection but I'm no superstar... it was a shame :( But at least I can wear it on the header LOL

Comment about the new layout please!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Layout Coming Soon :)

Okay, I'm getting tired of looking at myself giving every visitor a heart sign (yes, the shape is a heart) So I'm thinking of creating a new layout... A layout, not just a header. I actually had some experiences with CSS and HTML but I kind of forgotten a lot.. But hopefully I can make a jaw-dropping beautiful and eye popping layout on Saturday :)

I'm thinking gorgeous blue will be the main color theme... you? Ideas would be lovely <3

Monday, September 21, 2009

Marc Jacobs

I remade Marc Jacobs "Protect The Skin You're In" T-shirts yesterday.. It's not quite how Heidi Klum posed in the shirt but I can't do side poses and so I remade in my version :p As you can see... I cannot draw hands/fingers very well. But this shirt is for a good cause, so PROTECT YOUR SKIN!!

My Version


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Versace Resort 2010 Remake

Okay, so this is my first remake of real clothes. I hope it turned out okay... and it pretty much did? I chose a simple dress to start myself off ^^ I made the shoes too! By the way, I used Heidi Klum as my model because I was to lazy to screenprint myself :p Besides, I feel too conceited using myself as a model everytime :)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Design Ever!!

I was kind of bored last and felt like making a graphic since I didn't make one in a long time... I didn't want to do poses since I don't have a model bodies (they're on my other computer) and I want to try making a dress..It seemed so cool that other graphic designers had recreated clothes from real life! So I decided to try it myself... I gave up after looking at the latest designer clothes... they looked too hard for me LOL

And so.... I made this instead... I think it's not bad for the first try... I was in love with the red bow <3

Post-BLANC graphics

So then after Blanc's release I started to do "experiments" and try different poses. Here are my results..

Yeah, I know it's a lot but... Practice makes Perfect :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


My name is Reira and my account on Stardoll is Reira422. This blog, Just Reira, is just where I put up my showcase of graphics and maybe other information about Stardoll. SO to start everything up, I will post my previous works first...

These are 2 pieces of graphic I made before I started working on BLANC magazine. The link the BLANC magazine is http://blancmagazine.wordpress.com/

I will put up the post-BLANC graphics tomorrow...