Friday, February 5, 2010

A little note

This weekend, I have tons and I mean TONS of homework. February is a very messed up month for me with a different schedule every week XD
And so.. I'm afraid I will not be able to work on new graphics T^T I know, I'm sad too. BUT I might be able to work on little pieces of small writer's banners..
And so... remind me again those who wanted a writer's banner instead of a big graphic ^^
I remembered only a few like haitianrichboy94, frangipani_29, Toxxic.Angel, and Evie_is_kool? I don't know :S

So leave a comment below with your username. You HAVE to be a follower :D Also, I go in order haha
I can probably make two.. maybe three if I do a sloppy job XD

I cannot end this post without a graphic, can I? The new TSI banner! Yay~


  1. Hey :]
    Can you make me a banner, that says 'Cam' on it, if you have time.

    My stardoll is drummachick399

  2. Can you make me one please?
    Im Dancer116

  3. Hey look, don't worry! Your busy and I kinda already have a banner. But I will let you know if we/I need anything or my blog.
    Thanks Reira,
    xx F