Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost Friday :)

Great, now I have nothing type.. I've had this window opened for 3 hours LOL
So.. I just want to post, things are not looking bright for me because my grades are slipping :(
My glance of my current just ruined my lovely evening with no homework. I finished homework at 4pm.
Sorry for my blah~

Anyways, I've got an idea, if that can be called an idea. You see, "just" can be "only" or "fair" For example, "The judge judges justly", wow try to say that ten times faster! So "Just Reira" (name of this blog in case you don't know) can mean "fair Reira". And now you're wondering, "So?"

So~ I want to open up a section of this blog where people can submit their own art creations (graphics) in a comment of a post where I can give feedback. I do know a couple people who asks me for improvements and advices.. But if you want my opinion, you may ^^ I am not biased in any way, by the way.. unless you get me started on topics about China >.<

If you want encouraging feedback on your graphics, leave a link in comment below and I'll give my best judgment in the next post :)

P.S. I got 2 offers from people who would pay me superstar code for graphics! :D Accept or Decline?


  1. Friday.

    Hmm,,It should be great if you opet that section on this blog :D
    It`s great idea.


  2. that would be cool, you should do that.

  3. That sounds like a great idea !

    Accept ! (;