Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

and also Valentine's Day :D I value Chinese New Year more LOL
As you can see... it's a new post meaning I will post a graphic. No, my computer is NOT fixed yet T^T But I installed Photoshop on my other laptop so I can use it. I got really bored on Saturday..
Anyways, I too, am upset over Mcqueen's death XD I tried to remake one of his designs but I gave up since I hate making rouching (and patterns). So I made a McQueen-inspired dress :S
Model is josie0082 
Yes, I'm in no mood of drawing a pose or hair. It's a WIG by the way LOL 
I'll make a new layout when I get my computer fixed. I NEED the CD!!!


  1. awesome i love dat dress!!
    i was just looking at my chinese year horoscope and then i check my dashboard and find this! :D

  2. I love it :))You could have done a bit better though hunni

  3. @Wooldoor
    Too lazy LOL
    Besides, I'm not used to using the touch pad mouse to make graphics...
    @Lilly Thanks :D

  4. Aww..It`s Awesome!!

    Dress is amazing..and hair is..crazy!!
    I love it!