Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sneak Peak of the Pose

I was working on a new pose since all my other poses were deleted T^T So, here's a sneak peak of how it is like ^^ I drew everything, no reference picture!
Banner is for Greenapple201 :)
 No fancy brushes :p

By the way, I've added a list on the sidebar --->
It's the list of followers whom I will use in the next graphic so you will know who's coming up ^^ I also want to add more stuff to make this blog looking more interesting.. any ideas? I don't like music playlists since you don't necessary want to listen to my music >_< and it's annoying sometimes haha


  1. great pose!
    the thumb on one of the hands looks like it is an extra finger but its hardly noticable, im just picky :)
    ur still the great graphic designer reira! :)
    well done!

  2. wow, very cool, I have a puzzle on my blog, idk what else.

  3. Excellent work! :D
    You're a great graphic designer.

    Oh and BTW, can I be one of your models? =^_^=

  4. @Faita_14
    Yes, all followers are models :)
    with few exceptions XD
    Like if I can't find your account ect..

    @Lilly and Cheerleader2648
    Thank you very much! I'll edit the thumb ^^ it's the right one right?

  5. I don't like the neck that much. >_>

    The rest is really, really nice. (:

  6. You are really good at making graphics :D
    I like this pose it is soo unique :)
    Good Luck ;)
    xox Roksy_funnycat

  7. Yay I'm next! Lol ;D

    Awesome pose!
    You're an amazing artist Reira :DD

  8. I'd add some shading under the neck but wonderful work on the hair and hands. :)

  9. AHHHHH-MAZING! So cute. She's lucky! Well maybemake a club for the blog, then add a sidebar with the link? Or have a slideshow of preveus Favorite graphics of yours. Maybe even a list of great blogs! [*Cough *Stargirl* cough] And the thumb closet to the words look alittle to the side, but much better then I ever will do =]