Saturday, December 19, 2009

A real graphic

Finally, a real graphic! This is for Basilina12 ^^ Sorry for the wait >.< I probably won't post another one of this anytime soon.. but who knows? :p

What do you think? The body took me the most time.. grr Oh! Hair? Thanks for the brushes, Lily Rose! I hope the hair turned out ok :) Also, I drew everything except for the medoll face and the Kohl's scarf.


  1. Gorgeous,
    The hair looks lovely(:

  2. Thanks :)The hair is kind of messy but next time, I'll spend more time on it ^^

  3. The hands are inside the jacket ^^..I should've draw sleeves..oh well :p
    I was lazy so I didn't want to waste time drawing ugly-looking hands X)