Saturday, December 5, 2009


I realized the makeup on the header image is too over-rated XD Oh well, I can't change it anymore but I did changed my medoll's makeup - I like it better when it's more natural LOL

It's December already~ Right now, I got 3 images in my head, they're like ideas for graphics and poses ect.
1.) New Layout: snow, cherry blossom trees, kimono, pink, magenta, white, purity-related
2.) Graphic: benting down, holding something (or not), drawing a circle on the ground (snow), fur
3.) Graphic: sauna, towel, front-view position, one leg crosses the other, steamy hot room, wooden, bench

----> So that's what I'm picturing right now. If you understand me, you're awesome. If you don't, no worries because you will.

P.S. Give me ideas about the pattern or color of the kimono ^^


  1. I think their great Layout and Graphic Idea's ! I cant wait to see them x

  2. I love your idea!
    I agree with 44nicole44 it would be great!!

  3. ^^ Same
    As for colour...PURPLE! xP
    Or blue is in this season? A dark one?

  4. I'm thinking of something floral, red, white, and pink? Maybe I'll add in some purple too. Kimono patterns have colors all over the place :p

  5. Hot steamy tub sounds amazing imo