Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

Hello! It's Spring Break for me! Boy, am I happy to be able to sleep 9+ hours a day and play computer all day (not really)! Anyways, I didn't make much graphics, however, but focused on making backgrounds. I've made many not-so-great backgrounds and I'd like to improve. Here are two that I've been working on...

Obviously, they're not done yet... And I would like some feedback on what I can improve or add ^^
*They were draw 100% by me (not including tree brushes)
**I learned perspective today!! That's how I made the slanted brick wall :)


  1. Wow, I love it, I like the first one:D

  2. I like the 1st one very much, but maybe you could add some shadows to the second one, it's a bit... erm.. boring if you know what I mean. But I still have respect for your graphics!

  3. @Lola
    It's because I'm have not finished XD

  4. Omg! The tree one is my fav :D
    They're amazing!! :DD

  5. Amazing. And the brick one is sorta, solid. Lol maybe add shadows to the wall to make it more relistic. AMAZING

  6. The first one is brilliaant and I'm sure the second will be too once you finish it !