Friday, March 12, 2010

LipStick Magazine

I'm not advertising LOL I'm just showing what I had contributed-->
The reason for no graphics made last week
Which is your favorite? I think some of my attentive followers would notice my work :p My favorite was the second one :)


  1. The 3rd is my favorite :)
    I haven't seen the rest of the mag yet. I'll check it out in a min.

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  3. I drew the hands in the first and second one only LOL

    I really like using real pictures as backgrounds!

  4. My favorite is the 2nd one too!!
    I saw the magazine,it`s great!!

  5. Thier ALL amazing! The 2nd and 3rd are my favourite! I love how in the 3rd one where the dress is 'blown' by the wind!The background's are amazing!


  6. 2nd & 3rd are my favourites :D

  7. I like them all! Btw, the new theme is amazing! :) Love the graphics. :D

  8. They're so AMAZING!!! The issue was really great, hopefully the second one turns out just as good! Good luck to you!! :)
    XOXO Jennie

  9. Hate the magazine. Not because you, it's a very hard reason to understand. To simplify it, I reallllllly dislike one of the owners.

    As always your amazing. Reira never question yourself with this, your great.

    Just wondering, what program do you use?

  10. @ ny_cutie
    I think I can guess who XD
    I used Adobe Photoshop 7 ^_^
    Thank you :D

  11. Coool, i sent you a GB asking where can i get it. Also wondering, is it free?

    lol =]

  12. @ ny_cutie

    The trial version is free but you can only use it for 30 days I think. After the trial, you'll have to buy the full version in order to continue using it :(