Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spreading the Wealth

Just spreading the wealth here to all you little teenagers or pre-teens about this photoshop-wannabe that might be able to satisfy your need of an actual Adobe Photoshop.


My review of the "product"------>
It's very similar to the the actual photoshop, or at least my version of it. It's got all those filters I don't use and tools I never gotten familiar with. Main features are: BURN, DODGE, LAYERS. Yep, that's pretty much all you need to get started for graphic making. HOWEVER, one bad thing about the brush is that it is very pixelized...And I hate it when the edges are not SMOOTH. So, it's your choice.

Also, one MAJOR feature they don't have..........
Grr... pen tool is my BFF on photoshop. So I guess that wannabe photoshop is not my dish LOL

Oh yeah, thanks for 128 followers~~~ 
It's late, I know... I wanted to celebrate 100 followers but never got a chance to :( So to make it up, I plan to make a tutorial? I was inspired by Lily, again LOL I want to show my followers the usage of PEN TOOL and how I usually draw a DRESS! Of course, I will use FATIMUCHI as my model :)

I will probably show how to draw this dress...


  1. I've known a way how to get Photoshop for free, I've had Photoshop for a year now, and it hasn't caused me any troubles. If you're interested, just email me - beaniesama @ NOSPAM gmail .com


  2. I will check it out person above
    I started doing graphics on a trail photoshop and I loved it, but the trail has ended:( so if the free one does not work out I can probably get the photoshop elements:)

  3. Yay! Are we gonna learn how to make sparkles. I have photoshop for free. Most likely illegaly.

  4. There's a free alternative of Photoshop!
    It's called GIMP.
    And it has your best friend, pen tool! Except it's called Paths.