Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Beach

Hello~ This weekend had been very non stressful to me and I am very grateful because next week will be STAR testing. Every year, we are forced to sit in a room for four hours filling in bubbles. *sigh~

I've gotten some good responses with tutorials so next time when I celebrate some amount of followers again, I'll be sure to make one ^^

Anyways, I made a new graphic! Yay~  Model is looc123. The other followers before her were not very active on this blog nor Stardoll so I skipped them >.<

No reference pictures which means..... I drew the pose all by myself :D Except for bag, it's from Stardoll and I like it! Go to the beach during the summer!


  1. Mine are called OAT ( Ohio Achievement Test)We already had ours. It was okay. We had reading and math. I love the graphic:)

  2. We have the CST (California STAR test I believe.) We have two weeks of them!

    Beautiful graphic btw. :)

  3. ehh i have the math taks test on thursday. (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills)

    awesome graphic! :)

    I wish I was a awesome graphic designer like you. xD

  4. Same here, I had STAR testing about two weeks ago (YAY- I'm so happy that I'm over with it! lol) The graphic is just amazing, Reira, as always!!! Can't wait for the next one!

    XOXO Jennie :) :)

    ^^ Double Smiley face LOL

  5. Wow that is heaps good im extreamly
    jealous reira ♥_♥

  6. Thank you! :D I was lazy so I didn't draw shoes >.>

    Seems like it's testing time for everyone too :(

  7. Wow.Graphic is great :)

    It`s not testing for me!!xDD
    At least,not yet.

  8. amazing!! :)
    im not sure if ive done these tests before but i searched it and it seems simular to Cats tests :P

  9. Yaay! Its me :D Fantastic graphic!

  10. Aren't STAR tests the easiest tests on the planet? Or are they different where you are. Anyway awesomeful graphic!

  11. Amazing, mines are just Called the NewYork StateTest, I callthem NYST for short though..
    Goooooooood luck!

  12. she looks so so so fat!, it seems like she has kankles LMFAO

  13. I don't think she looks fat, she just looks normal sized :)

    What's kankles?

  14. Kankles are fat that surround you ankles, so the ankles are hardly even visible.

  15. Ohh! Oopsi! I'll draw ankles next time ^^

  16. Wow.. Very nice!
    Could you do some more tutorials. Like how to make a basic banner?..
    B.t.w Could you please make me a banner for my blog:
    Contact me if you can via stardoll... boofandmax is my username

    Thanks J