Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tomorrow is my D-Day

Okay, so I've been extremely busy this past week T_T Thanksgiving is coming and there's like tons of stuff to do before it comes.. Tomorrow will be my D-Day! My timeline will be due tomorrow, my AP test will be back tomorrow, short schedule for school tomorrow, and Friday tomorrow. It's all crazy~~ :S

I will get to update more often once Thanksgiving is here :D But like right now, not so much. The nominations for Star Awards is coming soon ^^ Can't wait to see who got recognized

Another thing is, I found there's plenty of graphics requests floating around in my old posts... The thing is, I don't look at old comments XD And Blogspot doesn't mail me about new comments either so I have no idea when new comments pops up somewhere.. If you want to ask something, ask in my guestbook :) My username is Reira422 in case you don't know -_- So bye bye for now~~

ps. Horray for 55 followers!

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