Thursday, November 5, 2009

Correct Answer

is Brown Eyed Girl's SIGN music video! LOL! I know most of you wouldn't know them but it was fun. I got answers like Harry Potter!!

Winner is Marionette97~ I LOVE YOU!!<3

I realized something today and it's sort of important. I like drawing bodies and poses more than remaking clothes. And of course my inspiration comes from what I love lol. But remaking designers from desginers feels too much like copying to me. I'll still remake clothes though for the sake of Runway but for this blog, not so much.

Another heads up! Color Gloss Magazine is coming soon this Sunday :) Here's a spoiler of the cover that I made, I hope Ashley (Shakira_Avril) doesn't mind >.<


By the way, I LOVE the comments :) As for tutorials on poses, I don't have time to make them now, maybe in summer.. I don't know. 

But if you're dying to know, there's a tutorial here:
It's by doinker_chic. Personally, it's not useful to me since I make my own poses instead of using I-dressup. Secondly, my style of making poses is very different from hers XD


  1. I can`t wait for Color gloss magazine!
    I love this spoiler what you did!

  2. Neither can I, Ashley has already told me I can write for the next issue but I doubt my pages will be as good as yours reira!!

  3. Haha okay. ;)
    I hand draw my poses too but I didn't think I could make that a tutorial. You can either draw or you can't kinda thing. :)

    I cannot wait to see the mag :D

  4. You have a drawing pad, don't you?