Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I changed my mind...

Where I live, there is a storm going on... It happened this morning and it lasted the day :( I was WET all over when I managed to get home.. The wind and rain woke me up this morning and I almost thought my room flooded :p STORMS ARE NOT VERY FUN!!

This is a somewhat sad and funny story.. I have nothing better to write about :p No graphics...
So, I have an English class in the one of the temporary classrooms.. And this morning, a class before mine had a disastrous accident...

During class time, a girl screamed and scared my English teacher. Why did she screamed? Take a guess ^^

I bet you were WRONG! She screamed because the ceiling above her head cracked and all the water literally poured on her! It was like a waterfall, all the water kept pouring in the little temporary classroom.
Poor girl :( I feel sorry for her having a HUGE shower in her English class..
*This is a real story 100% accurate!

And the title "I changed my mind..." About that.. I was planning to make a layout of my new look of my medoll like a "punk and rock" one but I changed my mind... I want to do one that is "cold and melancholy" because that is exactly how I feel right now..  


  1. Omg D:
    Anyway, I love this layout so much, but I'm sure the next one will be awesome, as always ;]

  2. I feel sorry for her. One time in my classroom last year, one corner of the room was leaking and we had wet cabinets.
    Also last year we had a bad windstorm and the roof was blown off,but we now have a metal one:)