Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bored as Hell

I'm bored. I do have homework to do but I don't really feel like doing them, you know what I mean? lol Anyways.. I just want to post something, anything...

Question of the Day: What makes the previous layout so attractive to everyone that they misses it?

Best answer gets a link to their suite? LOL
I'm just curious... in my opinion, the previous one was pretty but not all that "special" since I just simply use brushes and the doll....

Of course.. I couldn't end this post without a graphic, can I? :)
This was made for Kristen (devie44)


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  2. The old layout was so... ummm.... blue! :D I love blue and it reminded me a lot of things D:
    And hell, yeah, the graphic is amazing as always =)

    (I removed the previous post because I made a spelling mistake :PP)

  3. i likes the last one because i likes how the head titled and loved the color,and the one you have now is not that eciting.

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  5. The Last layout was attractive because It had the Nice blue collar , and just made you wont to look at this awesome blog . The Graphic was also very good , because she was upside down and you just showed people what you can do . So they wanted to look ,x And this one , I love very much to because the awesome graphics and layout , with the girl on the Skeliton's just want's you to look , or miss something amazing ! x

  6. The old layout was:

    - A nicer colour (gorge blue)

    - Had a warmer feel - eg. kisses now I know it's the whole halloween theme but it's pretty freaky (in a good way!)

    - very unique. The pose was very clever and no-one else would've thought of that and the hair was just aceeee x


  7. Can I save this pic? And, can you make a special pic for me? and how much will it "costs"?

  8. I like it but you just did the pose, the hair is off Roiworld's Lady GaGa doll. I love it, so plz don't be mad, just constructive criticism.