Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey There!

A while since I posted and it is because I did not make any graphics for this blog so far :) Therefore, I brighten the mood, I will post some works I've done in the past. I don't think they'll (HilaryMad2659 and MissDancer853) mind me posting because Sarah left Stardoll and Lily is starting a new issue and changed the name of the magazine.
I know, they're similar in body position but that's how they wanted it :) Thoughts? They're kind of old...


  1. I love how you did the hands on the cover! The make-up and the dress on the second one is brilliant!! I love them both!! You should do more colorful ones like the second one... :)
    Great Work!
    XOXO Jennie

  2. I love them :D
    They`re amazing.

  3. I would be in Serenity. D:
    And, now that I look at your amazing graphics, I can't stop being sad about this.

  4. They're stunning!

  5. @BershkaGirl601
    I don't know. But it probably is because Sarah left..

  6. Amazing! I love the 1st Makeup..

    And I just saw that i'm one of the next models.. Thank u reira! :D

  7. OMG! THAT IS SO GOOD! ..not.
    Your graphics are boring & shxxt.

  8. lies! Anonymous people are always haters.

  9. Thanks :)
    Though sometimes they do give helpful criticism and be honest ^^